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Buick Consoles

We carry inexpensive high quality consoles for your classic Buick. Whether you are looking for somewhere to place your soda, coffee, or water, or you're lacking storage space to leave your CD's, sunglasses or other accessories then we have the perfect solution here at Cup Holders Plus! Choose from many different Buick storage consoles and cup holders that will look great in your classic car.

Dodge Consoles

Cup Holders Plus offers consoles tailored for you and your Dodge vehicle. Our universal bench seat consoles come in a standard size, a short version for vehicles with short bench seats, a narrow console with smaller standard sized drink holder inserts, and a tall model for those taller drivers! So many different options that will add cup holders and/or a storage compartment to your Dodge.

GMC Consoles

Don't make any modifications or alterations to your GMC Truck or GMC Jimmy in order to add a cup holder or console. All of our classic consoles can be easily installed and removed for car shows if necessary. We also offer a variety of different colors so you can match the interior in your GMC as close as possible to the stock interior or exterior. We offer consoles that will sit firmly on the seat of your ride, on the floor, or over the transmission hump.

Mercury Consoles

Cruise comfortably in your classic Mercury by adding one of our popular consoles or drink holders. Most of the consoles we carry are universal and can mount on the transmission hump of your car or on the bench seat of your classic. Some of the consoles we have will even rest comfortably on the floor. These consoles and cup holders are the perfect upgrade for your classic Mercury vehicle.

Oldsmobile Consoles

We recommend a universal bench seat for your vintage Oldsmobile car. The majority of the olds vehicles and actually most classic models featured a bench front seat because for much of the history of cars in America, a bench seat was the standard on almost every model produced by any company. That is why our most popular console is the bench seat cruiser console. It fits snugly on the bench seat and can be easily removed for car shows.

Plymouth Consoles

If you use your Plymouth as a daily then it's likely you may need a console or drink holder. Most of our consoles are universal and designed to make your drive a more comfortable one. Our wide selection of consoles range anywhere from bench seat consoles to floor consoles. We also carry a large selection of colors to match the interior or exterior of your Plymouth.

Chevy Consoles

We carry universal as well as vehicle specific consoles and cup holders for classic Chevy cars and trucks. We offer plug and chug cup holders that fit right into the ash tray and a bench seat cruiser console that will sit firmly on the bench seat of your truck. If you have a Chevy car then you can choose between our hump hugger consoles or our universal floor consoles /cup holders and our bench seat consoles.

Ford Consoles

Whether you have a Ford truck or a Ford car, it can easily be upgraded with a center bench console, a plug and chug drink holder, or a floor mount console. You don't need any tools other than your hands to install our consoles and no permanent modifications are required. Likewise the ashtray can be reconstituted as the base for an added drink holder.

Lincoln Consoles

Whether you need a set of cup holders or a storage console, has many different options for your Lincoln car. These Lincoln Consoles come in many different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Some of these cup holders and consoles are vehicle specific but most are universal and will fit most vehicles as they rest on the bench seat, floor, or transmission hump of your Lincoln model vehicle.

Mopar Consoles

Our universal consoles are the perfect upgrade for your classic Mopar. We carry floor mount consoles as well as bench seat consoles. Our consoles and cup holders come in different shapes and sizes and most come with large drink holder inserts, although you can choose between standard and large inserts on some. Most come with a storage compartment and you can easily remove your console for car shows.

Pontiac Consoles

Real demand for cup holders came during the 1950's when drive-thru windows and drive-ins became the staple of American culture. General Motors, among others took full advantage but not always to perfection. Here at Cup Holders Plus we have Bench seat consoles, floor mount consoles, and saddle mount consoles that sit over the existing stock console in your Pontiac. Browse through our selection of available consoles and drink holders for your Pontiac.

VW Consoles

All of our VW Cup Holders slide firmly and securely into the existing ashtray slot in your VW dashboard. Simply remove your existing ashtray and slide our VW Cup Holder into the slot and you now have the perfect place for your drinks, cell phone or garage door opener. The cup holders will hold any drink from a soda can or a Starbucks coffee to a 32oz drink without ever tipping.